Agency: Axian
Client: Cayuse

Improving Science Outcomes

Cayuse Suite of Science Management Applications


As a Senior UX consultant, I played an important role in developing a comprehensive suite of Software as a Service (SaaS) applications for Cayuse. Aimed at scientists and universities, these applications were designed to enhance scientific outcomes by offering a unified platform for efficient resource management and tracking across various research phases, from initial funding proposals to final laboratory work.



This project aimed to improve how scientists and academic institutions manage their data and research activities. In addition to making the products more user-friendly, Cayuse acquired new products that needed to be brought into brand standards.



Customer Advisory Boards: Actively participated in customer advisory boards. These sessions yielded valuable insights and data from researchers, ensuring the software met their precise requirements.

Collaborative Design: Worked closely with the different UX teams at Cayuse to create a comprehensive experience across various products. This collaborative approach guaranteed that the software’s architecture and design were consistent across these products.

Design System: Updating and refining Cayuse’s design system was important to this project. New design elements needed to work across a wide range of products, which meant collaborating with several departments.

Technology Integration: The nature of the Cayuse applications necessitated interfacing with technology teams to choose components that streamlined development. Worked closely with programmers to adapt designs to meet the needs of third-party software.

Wireframe Designs and Prototypes: Responsible for crafting wireframe designs and prototypes, which served as a blueprint for the application’s interface. Wireframes provided a clear visual representation of the software’s functionality and functional prototypes allowed stakeholders and users to test components in-browser to better visualize the performance of the finished product.

Design Workshops and Presentations: participated in design workshops where ideas were presented to the team. Communicated design ideas effectively and gathered feedback to help shape final products.

High-Resolution Designs: Driving force behind the creation of high-resolution designs, translating concepts into visually captivating and user-centric interfaces. A meticulous attention to detail ensured that the final product was aesthetically pleasing and highly functional.

screenshot of cayuse applicationscreenshot of cayuse application



Through focused collaboration, Greg played an important role in improving several different products at Cayuse, working with customers, designers, and stakeholders to improve systems and maintain high brand standards.

Improved Science Outcomes: The SaaS suite designed for Cayuse has a profound impact on the scientific community and leading academic institutions and Greg’s efforts improved their clarity and usefulness. These efforts have provided scientists and universities with more powerful tools to streamline their data management processes, ultimately leading to improved research outcomes.

Unified Branding: A significant challenge at Cayuse involved ensuring that a suite of existing and newly acquired applications presented a cohesive representation of the company’s brand. Through close collaboration with various UX teams, the applications were designed to provide a cohesive experience throughout the research process..

screenshot of cayuse applicationscreenshot of cayuse application



This project was highly effective at improving how scientists and academic institutions manage their data and research activities. In addition to making the products more user-friendly, new products spanning several different departments worked as a unified whole, properly representing the Cayuse brand.



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