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When I joined the team at Coursera, the business community had become increasingly aware of the organization’s online courses and the power they had to upskill employees. At the time, the department was using a landing page to get the word out about heir enterprise offering and a solution was needed to create an updated website on an accelerated schedule.


Working with the management, design, and technology teams, I helped choose and implement technology solutions that could easily adapt in an untested and rapidly changing environment. Early conversations and data analysis were essential to keeping the focus on important user goals and optimizing the site for conversion and performance.


Our small team of four came up with a phased strategy to roll out an enterprise-level website. The website exceeded expectations and allowed the business team to easily update content and test new features. Coursera is now the leading solution for online education, with the business department continuing to grow rapidly. In the words of the director of the Head of Global Enterprise Marketing, our small team “Took Coursera’a website presence from 1 to 100.”

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Driving Success with Impactful UX Design

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