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February 3, 2022 | | Digital Marketing, Graphic Design, UX Design |

E & K

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Client: E & K Vintage Reclaimed Wood


E & K has been providing specialized products to customers throughout the Los Angeles area for several years. Their vintage reclaimed wood product has been used in many high-end commercial and residential settings. Their website was not properly representing the level of quality that the company was producing or their role in providing specialized finishing and design services.


Working closely with the Founder and CEO, landing pages were created to test the viability of presenting E & K as a lifestyle brand, rather than a lumber supplier. Based on the data that was gathered, a hybrid solution was selected that addressed the different types of users that were looking for and buying their products.


E & K is a leader in their industry, and by modernizing their website, we have helped position them in better markets and delivered a high-end destination for their clients and partners as well as providing ongoing SEO, blogging, and marketing support.

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