Agency: Kalamuna
Client: EDF

Environmental Defense Fund

Building a Resource Center


As the product designer for this project, I played a pivotal role in designing an innovative resource hub for the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF). This platform was aimed at small-scale fisheries worldwide, connecting individuals and entrepreneurs to improve industry conditions and contribute to environmental sustainability. From inception to execution, my contribution helped bring success in supporting small-scale fisheries and fostering positive environmental change.



The Environmental Defense Fund recognized the urgent need to empower and connect individuals and entrepreneurs involved in small-scale fisheries. This initiative aimed to provide a platform that would facilitate collaboration, information sharing, and the improvement of industry practices, ultimately contributing to the preservation of aquatic ecosystems.



In addition to stakeholder interviews, I was an integral part of the design process, from initial ideation to the production of high-resolution designs.

Stakeholder Interviews: Conducted insightful stakeholder interviews to understand the project's objectives and the unique needs of small-scale fisheries and their stakeholders.

Collaborative Design: Working closely with a team of designers, contributed to creating journey and content maps, ensuring a comprehensive and user-focused design approach.

Wireframe Designs: Crafted wireframe designs that laid the foundation for the platform's user interface and experience, focusing on user-friendliness and accessibility.

Client Interaction: Actively engaged with the Environmental Defense Fund, presenting design ideas and concepts and aligning the project with the client's vision.

High-Resolution Designs: As the project progressed, it transitioned from wireframes to high-resolution designs, refining and enhancing the platform's visual elements.



Working closely with the technology team, we created a social networking hub that helped connect fishers and fishing organizations worldwide. This site has become an important partner, helping startup entrepreneurs create sustainable businesses with a networking and news hub.

Global Connectivity: The platform connects fishermen, entrepreneurs, and organizations worldwide, fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Resource Hub: It serves as a comprehensive resource hub, providing valuable information on sustainable fishing practices, conservation efforts, and industry updates.

Entrepreneurial Support: Small-scale fisheries startups benefit from valuable insights, mentorship, and networking opportunities for growth and development.

Environmental Impact: The platform significantly improves fishing practices, reduces environmental harm, and enhances the sustainability of aquatic ecosystems.



The Environmental Defense Fund's small-scale fisheries site has yielded remarkable results. The platform has become a global force for positive change in the industry, connecting individuals and entrepreneurs to improve conditions and contribute to environmental sustainability. Greg's commitment to user-centered design and environmental conservation is evident in the success of this transformative project.

Industry Transformation: The social network has played a pivotal role in transforming small-scale fisheries, encouraging sustainable practices and responsible entrepreneurship.

Global Collaboration: Small-scale fisheries worldwide have come together to share knowledge and collaborate, creating a global network focused on positive change.

Environmental Preservation: The platform's impact extends to environmental conservation, as improved fishing practices contribute to preserving marine life and habitats.

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