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Here you will find experiments that I have created to investigate the potential of emerging technologies for the web.

image of particle VR game


Tools for creating VR and AR immersive experiences are also now within reach of companies looking for new channels. I have built a few VR apps, Trip is a game for VR and tablet game that is available for iOs and Android.

image of pinterest web designs

Mood Board

Over the years, I have kept a mood board of modern layouts and those that get away from the ordinary. Pinterest has great analytics tools to see what kinds of looks are resonating in the community. This is a collection of designs that stand out from the crowd.




Figma is a tool for creating templates online which can be shared with teams quickly and easily. I will bring these designs to WordPress this year as responsive themes.


Animation is becoming more popular for websites. It can be a good way to improve UX and create compelling brand experiences.


Airbnb developed Lottie and the web community rejoiced. This clever addition allows After Effects animation to be brought to the web.

For this animation, I wanted to test the ability to handle 3D transforms and it translated surprisingly well. Use the arrows at the top of the scene to control the animation forward and backward.

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Motion Tracking

Tracking video is a technique that originated in special effects. These tools track any video shot allowing the addition of animated type and graphics elements.


Mask Tracking

In this shot, I used masking to isolate the figure from the background and 3D tracking to add animated elements layered into the scene.           


Video Graphics

There really are no barriers as far as bringing animated graphics and effects to web video.


Animated Icons

Breathe life to static icons! They are fast, efficient and easy to create. Subtle reinforcements for user interaction can make for good UX.




This javascript library allows complete 3D scenes to be added to standard web pages. Modern browsers all support it. Fully immersive animated elements can now be used for microsites, rich media sites, informational graphics and web games.

Scroll one finger through the window below to move the camera position.