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Bringing Technical Innovation to Life

Agency: Superframe

Role: Motion Graphics, 3D Animation

Columbia Sportswear was preparing for the launch of its Turbodown® product, which leverages innovative technology to help customers stay warm in chilly weather conditions. Given its technical nature, communicating how this product worked posed a unique challenge. To achieve this, the company was looking for a way to demonstrate how the various fabrics used in the product minimized heat loss while providing maximum comfort.

The solution came in the form of an animated product demonstration. Collaborating closely with the design and manufacturing teams, I created digital storyboards, material renders, and preview animations in order to get the details right. The final animation needed to work in video production and be showcased on the company’s website. High resolution stills from the animation also needed to work on hang tags and other printed materials.

The animation and illustrations played an important role in establishing Turbodown® as one of Columbia Sportswear’s most popular offerings. Technical concepts were effectively demonstrated, showcasing the power and versatility of this innovative product.

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