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Gabriel Diamond

A Showcase for Social Impact

Agency: Superframe

Role: Marketing, Senior UX Design, Web Development

Gabriel Diamond has established a reputation for producing compelling documentaries that address critical issues affecting underrepresented communities, as part of his work with the Skoll Foundation. The films are not only instrumental to the foundation’s mission, but they also stand on their own as important commentaries on the challenges that we face as a society. To showcase his portfolio, Gabriel needed an online portfolio that served as a comprehensive collection of his work.

In-depth discussions at the outset of the project formed the foundation for a successful website. Competitive analysis guided key decisions, which were followed by the development of wireframes, style tiles, and high-resolution designs. A high-quality video solution was a top priority, as was the ability for Gabriel to easily add new content to his portfolio.

Gabriel continues to travel the world creating films that shed light on critical social and environmental issues. His online portfolio serves as an impressive display for his work, providing a platform for people to discover and appreciate his films.

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